1. The most important thing is PRACTICE!!! 

Practice every day or at least 5 days. 

Bring your practice records to every lesson. 

Parents need to sign when your kids finish practice.  

Please check practice records every week. 

           -Minimum Practice Duration-  

            Intermediate -1hr 


2. Prompt attendance at lesson is essential. 

Every effort is made in the studio to stay on schedule and ensure that each student receives full lesson time.  

Time will not be taken from the following lesson to accommodate late arrivals.  

If arriving during another student's lesson slot, please be seated in the waiting area. 

Pick up your kids on time.  

            -Lesson Duration- 

            Intermediate 45-60min  

            Advance 1-2hr 

It can be different upon student's level. 

One month's notice is required for termination of lessons. 

3. Every student needs to perform in Spring and Christmas recitals.   

            Spring recital - May 

            Christmas recital - December 

     It might cost extra fees for recitals.  

4. Advanced students need to participate competitions and auditions at least once a year.  

Intermediate students need to participate OMTA auditions on March and May every year. 

For competition and audition participants, there are more lessons and performance classes. 

5. Students photos and performances can be used for song piano studio website. 


I will do my best to teach your precious children enjoying music throughout their lives. 

Please advise and encourage to enjoy the piano practicing and performing. 

Performing in front of others helps boost children's self-esteem and gives them the opportunity to overcome fears and see they can succeed.